All Shirts Are Not Created Equal: Family Fourth of July Shirt Ideas

Showing your patriotism on the fourth of July has been a tradition for as long as the U.S has been a nation. Many stores will sell shirts for Independence Day, however, most of the shirt designs are the same and will be sold in bulk. This means that someone at the barbecue or the fireworks show may have the same shirt as you. If you want to get something outside of the box for your family, here are some family 4th of July shirt ideas.

Declaration of Independence

The fourth of July is a major celebration in the United States because it was the date that the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom and became its own nation. To celebrate the main historical event of this date, you and your family can get the Declaration of Independence printed on your shirts. While it may not be feasible to get the entire declaration on the front of one shirt, you all can split up amongst the family. Get the shirts printed so that everyone has a part of the declaration on their shirt. For the best photograph opportunity, the declaration can start out with the tallest person and end with the shortest.

Mount Rushmore

Our heads of state are often revered in different ways, from awards to holidays named for them. Mount Rushmore is one of the ways that some of our earlier presidents are celebrated. If you want to celebrate the government that makes our country great, get a Mount Rushmore printed shirt. Each person in the family can also pick their favorite presidents and have them placed on the Mount Rushmore head setting. This will allow each family member to personalize their patriotic T-shirts and celebrate the American leaders that they most admire.

Fun Facts List

One thing that may be missing on patriotic T-shirts is a little bit of humor. If you are interested in celebrating the 4th with a sense of fun, consider creating a fun facts list on your shirt. For those who are into fashion, President Chester Arthur was a bit of a fashion icon, given that he had at least 80 pair of pants, which was completely unheard of in his time. President Hoover was a bit of a daredevil, and his son owned two pet alligators that were allowed to roam freely on the White House grounds. Abraham Lincoln, along with being a farmer and a president, also held a bartending license

You may also consider scouring through online stores, such as Presidential Wear, for a shirt that properly displays your patriotic attitude.

Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You’re Brushing Dirt Off Of Your Leather Work Boots

Whether your job requires you to constantly traverse hostile terrain or you just want sturdy footwear for an intensive DIY project, the quality and durability of leather work boots means that they’re a great choice for many different occasions. To maximize the life of your leather work boots, it’s important that you periodically clean, oil, and apply a protective waterproof coat to their surfaces. Remember to avoid these three pitfalls whenever you’re brushing dirt off of your leather work boots.

Brushing When The Leather Is Still Very Cold And Stiff 

The colder it is outside when you wear your work boots, the stiffer the leather will be when you first come back inside. While you can still clean your boots when the leather is very cold and stiff, the hard bristles on a cleaning brush are much more likely to cause a scratch. Additionally, since the stitches in the leather won’t be able to move as easily in response to your brush, it’ll take significantly longer for you to remove every speck of dirt.

So let the leather warm up a little in your home first before you start cleaning your boots in earnest. If you’re really impatient, put the boots next to a heating outlet in your home to speed the process up. 

Letting Too Much Soapy Water Leak Into A Boot’s Interior

Using a fair amount of soap and warm water is unavoidable if your boots have been accumulating dried dirt for a long time and you really want to make the leather look new again. However, if you use more water than necessary and spread it around the boot’s exterior too carelessly with your brush, some of it could spill into the interior of a boot, damaging its sole. Since the soles in work boots aren’t generally waterproof, this water will quickly sink to where you can’t reach it. 

Don’t drench the exterior of a boot in soapy water all at once. Instead, only apply water to one small area at a time right before you start scrubbing with a brush.

Not Strengthening The Waterproofing Layer Afterward

While a brush with hard bristles is usually necessary to completely remove stubborn dirt, the waterproof layer on your work boots will get worn down in the process. You may not notice the effect immediately if you ignore this problem month after month, but the total lifespan of your work boots will be reduced considerably every time you have to go out in the rain. Therefore, after every serious cleaning, apply at least a little bit of shoe grease to the leather.