3 Tips For The Mature Woman To Find And Look Great In New Going Out Outfits

If you are a mature woman who would like to update your wardrobe with the newest fashions and would like to avoid the common problem of dressing too young for your age, it is important to be aware of the impact that your clothing and accessory choices will have on your appearance. By combining ageless style with newer accessories, you will find that your new outfits and undergarments can be worn through multiple seasons and several years without becoming dated. Therefore, it is a good idea to apply the following tips the next time that you go clothes shopping.

#1 Consider Classic Clothing Choices–With A Twist

One way to get the most use out of your wardrobe is as simple as choosing a few standard clothing pieces that will be accessorized by a few, less expensive pieces that are consistent with the current season’s fashions. You can take that step one step further by paying extra close attention to the accessories that you choose. By mixing and matching your accessories with new and classic styles, you can make your investment go even further.

For instance, a well-tailored black suit will never go out of style and you can pair it with this season’s skinny scarf. Another fun option to explore this year is the patterned silk scarf, which can be tied around your waist, neck, or even your purse.

#2 Dress Properly From The Skin Out

If you have ever stood in a dressing room, angered and frustrated, because nothing seems to fit and flatter, it is time to verify that what you are wearing underneath fits as it should. For  instance, one recent survey established that almost two out of three women are wearing the wrong bra size. An ill-fitting bra can make almost any outfit bunch, wrinkle, or look wrong, regardless of how expensive it is. As a result, a quick visit to your favorite lingerie store to be sized professionally is crucial.

It will also be helpful to consider different bra styles, so that you can benefit from the extra support and additional padding that modern bras can provide. Supportive panties can create the illusion of weight loss, which can make it easier for your clothing to flatter your body style. Of course, a girdle can also provide the same thing over a larger area.

#3 Verify Your Clothing Sizes–And Try On More Than One Size Of Any Outfit You Like

You have probably noticed how much size deviation there is amongst the various designers and manufacturers for women’s clothing. The material, cut, and style of different articles of clothing can often mean that you can wear a size eight in one dress and a size four in the next.

Another problem is the department where your clothing is purchased. While you may be used to shopping in the Misses department, it may behoove you to consider looking at the petite choices within the same section if you have lost weight as you have aged. Finally, never buy anything without trying it on, and be aware that although orange is very popular this season, its use next year and later can be very dating. As a result, be careful to use it discreetly so that it does not wind up in a donation box next year.

In conclusion, as a mature woman, you are likely to find that by combining classic clothing choices with a few accent choices from this season’s fads and consistently wearing the right sizes, your going out outfits will always be attractive and flattering. In order to accomplish that task, now and in the future, it will be very helpful to consider the information listed above on your next shopping trip.

Creating Custom T-Shirts For A Community Race

If you are on the board of directors for an athletics program in your area, chances are you have a race to prepare for in the near future. Creating custom t-shirts for each racing participant is a fun way to show community spirit. Each racer would enjoy a personalized look as well. Here are some instructions you can use to create your own custom t-shirts for race day.

Designate Racing Numbers

Create a list of all racing participants so you are aware of how many people will be involved in the race. If there is a great rate of participation, you may need to have more than one race so there is ample room along the racing track for all people to race with enough room.

Give each person on the list a unique number. This can be added to the back of their t-shirt so their friends and family can easily find them on the track when it is their turn to show their speed. Make sure to ask each participant for their shirt size so you can make them a shirt that fits on the day of the race.

Create A Fun Logo

Host a contest between all participants in the days before the race. Have them come up with a slogan or logo to represent the event. Participants can email their ideas to you so you can select your favorite. This can be incorporated onto the shirts, Wait until the day of the race to reveal the winning entry, allowing the winner the surprise of seeing their masterpiece in print when they receive their shirt.

Print Out Iron-On Transfers

Use iron-on transfer paper made for a printer to make your shirts. Print out the winning logo or slogan on each transfer. Iron the transfer to the fronts of t-shirts. If you wish to make each shirt a bit more colorful, dye it before adding the transfer. Another idea is to use fabric paint to color in some areas of the logo. Consider changing which colors you use on each shirt so each one has its own individualized look.

Create The Back Information

Use black fabric paint to add the corresponding number to each person’s shirt. A stencil can be used to make an outline of the number. Afterwards, use another colored fabric paint to fill in the number. If desired, add the person’s last name underneath the number. This will make the shirt one they can keep as a remembrance of the race. They will enjoy wearing the shirt often as it will have their personal information displayed for all to see. If you have too many names and not enough time, enlisting the help of a shirt printing company like Apple Shirt Screen Printing could help.

Adapting Your Fashion After Gaining Weight

As we age, our bodies slow down and weight gain is often inevitable. As a result, you’re a little bigger than you used to be and you’re worried about losing your fashion sense. However, plus-size fashion is a real thing and you can still look beautiful, even with a few extra pounds. Here’s how.

Don’t Be Ashamed

Your weight gain might make you feel unattractive, which may make you try less with your fashion. There’s no reason to be ashamed: many men love women with a little extra weight. There are many reasons for this preference, including:

  • Larger curves
  • Softer bodies
  • They look younger (extra weight can smooth wrinkles)
  • Attraction to their look of fertility

While this preference is in no way universal, it’s worth remembering that there will be plenty of men admiring your shape. So take pride in the way you look and get ready to dress yourself up in beautiful ways. Confidence is also extremely sexy to most men.

Understanding Your New Curves

Your new curves can look incredible if you are willing to understand them and enhance their shape. Enhance your curves by following these simple fashion tips:

  • Don’t hide your body with over-sized or ill-fitting clothes – be confident enough to wear clothes that fit you perfectly.
  • Wear clothes that fit you perfect and which accentuate your curves – you’ve got them, so you should flaunt them.
  • Change to a bigger size when necessary – clinging to a preferred, but too small, size will make you uncomfortable and will look bad.

Plus-size beauty Kim Kardashian offers a variety of tips for accentuating your curves, including wearing a belt to show off your waist, avoiding flowery tops, wearing shape-wear, and being willing to look great wearing anything.

How To Show Off Your Curves

So far, you’ve heard a lot about how to enhance your curves, but still might not know how to pull that off. Here are three common curvy body types and what you can do to show off your curves:

  • Top heavy – If your top curves are larger than your bottom curves, don’t be afraid to wear a top that shows off a little cleavage.
  • Hourglass figure – Wear a belt to pull in your waist and show off your beautiful top and bottom curves.
  • Pear shape – Jeans often look incredible on a larger bottom. Continue to show if off by wearing a top with a strong color contrast to the jeans.

Embrace your new look by going all in on plus-size fashion. Yes, you may want to lose weight in order to be healthier, but there’s no reason to look bad during the process. If you do lose weight, put your plus-size clothes from a store like Angel Heart Botique away for later use, just in case you ever put on weight again.  

Three Tips For Caring For Beaded Jewelry

Your jewelry collection can contain some of your favorite accessories. However, it is a fact of life that there are some individuals that may make mistakes when it comes to caring for these items. This can be particularly problematic for pieces of jewelry that utilize beads. Failure to properly care for these jewelry items can cause them to suffer extensive wear and discoloration.

Separate The Beaded Pieces Of Jewelry

If you use a jewelry box to store your pieces, it is important for you to make sure that you are storing your pieces of beaded jewelry separately. When numerous pieces of jewelry are stored together, they can rub against one another. This may not seem like a serious issue, but it can result in substantial scratching of the beads. Also, it may be possible for the beads to get hung on other items of jewelry, and this can rip them out. To minimize this risk, you should make sure to store your beaded pieces of jewelry in their own compartments. If this is not possible, you should place each piece in a small cloth jewelry bag to avoid this risk.

Use Humidity Control Packs

Humidity can be extremely damaging to beaded jewelry because it can cause condensation, which may rot the string that holds the beads. Unfortunately, this is a problem that many people will overlook when storing their jewelry. Fortunately, you should be relieved to learn that there is a relatively simple way of protecting your jewelry against this threat. By placing humidity control packets in the jewelry box, you can help to ensure that the humidity stays at a constant low level. While these packets can be extremely effective, you will need to change them every few months to ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible.

Put Your Beaded Jewelry On Last

When you are getting ready, it is generally a good idea to wait to put on your beaded jewelry last. During the process of applying makeup and hairspray, it is possible for these substances to get on the beads. While makeup can stain and discolor the beads, hairspray can leave a sticky residue that may attract dust and dirt. Due to the difficulty of cleaning beaded jewelry, you may want to help minimize these issues these issues by always putting on your beaded jewelry last.

Ensuring that your beaded jewelry lasts for as long as possible does not have to be a difficult task. By making sure that you appreciate the need to store these pieces of jewelry separately as well as the dangers of excess humidity, makeup and hairspray, you will be better able to ensure these items last for as long as possible. Contact a jeweler, like Southpaw Beadworks, for more help.

Three Uses For Leather Messenger Bags That Make A Difference In Your Work Day

Leather messenger bags can be a very nice accessory, since they do not look out of place with a suit or with jeans and a t-shirt. If you are thinking about buying any sort of new bag, briefcase, etc., you may want to further consider messenger bags. Here are three uses for these bags and how they can make a difference in your work day.

Biking to Work and Taking Everything with You

If you enjoy a brisk stroll to work or love a good bike ride instead of the morning car pool and traffic, then you need some sort of bag that can carry your lunch, your papers, your files and maybe even your wallet and phone while you are walking or biking. Most messenger bags are large enough to hold thick accordian files filled with papers, as well as a bag lunch and a canned beverage. Some of these bags also have zippered pockets on the back of the bag so you have a place for your wallet, phone, house keys, etc. With the cross-body strap, the messenger bag can be worn in such a way that remains up and out of the way of your cycling feet while not falling off or losing its contents.

Acting as Your Main Courier Bag

If your job entails working as a courier, then a messenger bag is already your go-to accessory at work. However, that does not mean that your “work bag” has to look boring or uninteresting. Substituting a highly decorative leather messenger bag like those from S.Marco for the one your boss gives you means that you still are delivering letters and envelopes but you are doing it in style. The leather is also more durable and longer lasting than the canvas bags most bike couriers and messengers are given, so you will not have to ask your boss quite as often for a new bag when the old canvas one gives out.

Functioning as a Diaper Bag for Nannies and Busy Parents

Some of the diaper bags on the market are not that attractive or interesting, and they clearly scream “New parent here!” Since many of these diaper bags are already fashioned after the messenger style, why not carry a real messenger bag and one that stands out for its adult-ness rather than its post-modern or ultra-cutesy designs? Nannies (of both sexes) will also appreciate toting a leather messenger bag with diaper-changing contents because it looks more like a high fashion bag than a diaper tote.

3 Ways To Style A Women’s Fashion Poncho

If you have recently purchased a women’s fashion poncho from a company like Velvet Bungalow and have no idea how to style it, then this article will help you out. It will discuss 3 awesome ways to style a women’s fashion poncho for a variety of occasions.

Short Dress And Knee-High Boots

If you have more of a dressy women’s fashion poncho that you are wanting to wear to dinner or for a night out on the town, then you are obviously going to want to dress it up. A great way to do this while still keeping your poncho as the main focus of the outfit is going to be to complement it with a short dress and some knee-high boots. The short dress will slightly show beneath the poncho, but will not distract from it. The knee-high boots with heels are also a great way to add another statement piece to your outfit that is simply going to enhance your overall look. This is especially true if your boots and poncho are contrasting colors that complement each other well. 

Jeans And Heels 

If you have a poncho that is more of a sweater style, then you can create a fun, casual look with jeans and heels. You can choose to wear skinny jeans, capri jeans, boyfriend jeans, or whatever you feel complements your body type the best. You can go with colored jeans, such as black and white, or distressed jeans that add a bit of edge to the outfit. The key is to create a look that you are going to feel confident in. When it comes to your heels, you can go bold with hot pink chunky heels or keep it simple with a basic nude pump. 

Leggings and Booties

If it is a cold day out, then wearing your coat poncho is an excellent idea. Not only will you look fashionable in your poncho, but it will keep you very warm. In order to complete a cute winter look with your coat poncho, you can wear a pair of black leggings and heeled black booties. This will look especially good if your coat poncho is a bold color, such as red. To really ensure that you look great and are warm, you can add some black gloves, a colored scarf that complements your coat poncho, and even a fun hat that is either a beanie or some other hat that covers your ears.

All Shirts Are Not Created Equal: Family Fourth of July Shirt Ideas

Showing your patriotism on the fourth of July has been a tradition for as long as the U.S has been a nation. Many stores will sell shirts for Independence Day, however, most of the shirt designs are the same and will be sold in bulk. This means that someone at the barbecue or the fireworks show may have the same shirt as you. If you want to get something outside of the box for your family, here are some family 4th of July shirt ideas.

Declaration of Independence

The fourth of July is a major celebration in the United States because it was the date that the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom and became its own nation. To celebrate the main historical event of this date, you and your family can get the Declaration of Independence printed on your shirts. While it may not be feasible to get the entire declaration on the front of one shirt, you all can split up amongst the family. Get the shirts printed so that everyone has a part of the declaration on their shirt. For the best photograph opportunity, the declaration can start out with the tallest person and end with the shortest.

Mount Rushmore

Our heads of state are often revered in different ways, from awards to holidays named for them. Mount Rushmore is one of the ways that some of our earlier presidents are celebrated. If you want to celebrate the government that makes our country great, get a Mount Rushmore printed shirt. Each person in the family can also pick their favorite presidents and have them placed on the Mount Rushmore head setting. This will allow each family member to personalize their patriotic T-shirts and celebrate the American leaders that they most admire.

Fun Facts List

One thing that may be missing on patriotic T-shirts is a little bit of humor. If you are interested in celebrating the 4th with a sense of fun, consider creating a fun facts list on your shirt. For those who are into fashion, President Chester Arthur was a bit of a fashion icon, given that he had at least 80 pair of pants, which was completely unheard of in his time. President Hoover was a bit of a daredevil, and his son owned two pet alligators that were allowed to roam freely on the White House grounds. Abraham Lincoln, along with being a farmer and a president, also held a bartending license

You may also consider scouring through online stores, such as Presidential Wear, for a shirt that properly displays your patriotic attitude.

Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You’re Brushing Dirt Off Of Your Leather Work Boots

Whether your job requires you to constantly traverse hostile terrain or you just want sturdy footwear for an intensive DIY project, the quality and durability of leather work boots means that they’re a great choice for many different occasions. To maximize the life of your leather work boots, it’s important that you periodically clean, oil, and apply a protective waterproof coat to their surfaces. Remember to avoid these three pitfalls whenever you’re brushing dirt off of your leather work boots.

Brushing When The Leather Is Still Very Cold And Stiff 

The colder it is outside when you wear your work boots, the stiffer the leather will be when you first come back inside. While you can still clean your boots when the leather is very cold and stiff, the hard bristles on a cleaning brush are much more likely to cause a scratch. Additionally, since the stitches in the leather won’t be able to move as easily in response to your brush, it’ll take significantly longer for you to remove every speck of dirt.

So let the leather warm up a little in your home first before you start cleaning your boots in earnest. If you’re really impatient, put the boots next to a heating outlet in your home to speed the process up. 

Letting Too Much Soapy Water Leak Into A Boot’s Interior

Using a fair amount of soap and warm water is unavoidable if your boots have been accumulating dried dirt for a long time and you really want to make the leather look new again. However, if you use more water than necessary and spread it around the boot’s exterior too carelessly with your brush, some of it could spill into the interior of a boot, damaging its sole. Since the soles in work boots aren’t generally waterproof, this water will quickly sink to where you can’t reach it. 

Don’t drench the exterior of a boot in soapy water all at once. Instead, only apply water to one small area at a time right before you start scrubbing with a brush.

Not Strengthening The Waterproofing Layer Afterward

While a brush with hard bristles is usually necessary to completely remove stubborn dirt, the waterproof layer on your work boots will get worn down in the process. You may not notice the effect immediately if you ignore this problem month after month, but the total lifespan of your work boots will be reduced considerably every time you have to go out in the rain. Therefore, after every serious cleaning, apply at least a little bit of shoe grease to the leather.