Ladies’ Golf Apparel: 3 Tips for Shopping for Plus-Sized Women

Before even being able to enter a golf course, you first must confirm that your attire conforms to the course rules. Different golf courses have their own protocol. Some golf courses clearly define the type of clothing that is deemed appropriate with little wiggle room whereas others are much more lenient and will basically allow you to wear whatever you want, as long as it’s appropriate. If you’re a plus-sized women, finding the right type of golf apparel that suits your body can be difficult. Here are three tips to help you get started finding ladies’ golf wear.

Choose White or Neutral-Colored Shoes

One of the easier ways to make yourself seem more slender is to elongate your legs. The easiest way to go about this is to wear white or neutral-colored shoes. These colors basically make the shoes appear as if they are an extension of your legs. On the other hand, black-colored shoes will interfere with this illusion. The black will basically force the viewer’s eyes to pause at the shoes, thus shortening the length of your legs.

Get Custom-Fitted Apparel Rather Than Standard 

Standard ladies’ golf apparel generally all comes in the same types of cuts. This might not always be flattering for everyone, depending on their body shape and size. If the clothes fit too tightly, they will accentuate any bulges that appear. On the other hand, if they’re too loose and baggy, they’ll make you appear larger than you actually are. Instead of purchasing standard apparel offered at the golf course, purchase custom-fitted pieces that are tailored to hug your body in all the right places. Take this opportunity to enhance and accentuate positive features.

Wear Shirts That Are Worn Over Bottoms

Shirts that need to be tucked in will add too much bulk to your top. This will make you appear larger. Look for outfits that allow for the shirt to be worn over the bottoms. Not only will this be a lot more comfortable for long hours on the golf course, but these shirts also look more slimming. You can also take this time to look for tapered shirts or ones with interesting hems and details that will look more flattering on larger women.


It’s hard to find the right type of golf apparel that will accentuate all of the positive features of your body, especially since most ladies’ golf apparel is as basic and plain as clothing comes. You’ll probably have to shop around and try on different types of cuts and designs before you find an outfit that works for you.

Showing Off Your Unique Style With Your Clothing Choices

If you are tired of wearing the same type of clothing day in and day out, and you feel your apparel is holding back your sense of style, getting some new pieces may be in order. Those who wish to attract attention from others will need to think outside of the box in an attempt to gather pieces different from the norm. Here are some tips you can use to revamp your wardrobe to make a statement to those who you come into contact with as you make your rounds around town.

Hit Thrift Stores for Inspiration

Try going to local thrift stores, yard sales, or clothing giveaways to find some pieces for your new look. Since there is an array of clothing available for sale or for the taking, it should be easy to get some inspiration. Think about how pieces found will look against other items you already have in your closet so you can reuse some of your regular wear along with some new apparel pieces.

Use Accessories and Jewelry

If you don’t have the funds to purchase new pieces of clothing, accessories and jewelry are great additions to any outfit. Belts, purses, hats, shoes, and sunglasses can all be used to make an outfit have an entirely new look. Think about altering existing pieces with the adornment of rhinestones or fabric paint as well.

Consider Custom-Made Outfits

If you wish to have clothing no one else has, then having outfits custom-made by a tailor is the way to go. This unique approach will allow you to have clothing unlike any other outfits out there, making you sure to be noticed as a result. Head to a local tailor to have your measurements taken and speak with the person who will be stitching your creations. Bring in a few sketches of your desired look as well as some material should you want a specific cloth used. This also allows the custom clothiers to incorporate color schemes and patterns into your pieces as you wish.

Mix and Match between Styles

One great way to come up with a new style is to incorporate two or more others styles into one ensemble. Consider wearing a pair of eighties-inspired pants along with a top geared more toward western wear. Mix winter and summer wear by pulling up a pair of fun shorts over a pair of leggings or by wearing long-sleeves underneath a tank top or T-shirt. Use hats, leg warmers, scarves, and slickers as part of your outfit. The possibilities are endless!

3 Hand Woven Clothing Pieces To Take On Your Next Vacation

If you are a fashionista and always on the go, then what you are wearing is everything. The need for vacation wear has increased. Many women want to buy quality pieces that can take them from an excursion to dinner.

Some women are in the position that they are global and always visiting different places. This means that you are taking vacations year round. You can be somewhere warm in the winter and somewhere cold in the summer. For this reason, hand woven vacation wear is always a good choice for someone looking for a sophisticated look. Here are three clothing pieces and accessory that you should take on your next trip.

Bring A Embroidered Kaftan

You can never go wrong with an embroidered kaftan.  A kaftan is a variation of a tunic or robe. It usually reaches your ankles and has long sleeves. Kaftans are often worn as a cover-up.

The material is light enough so that you can wear it in the heat. This piece is also multifunctional. You can wear it to the beach and do not have to worry about changing to go to the bar.

Embroidered kaftans come in a variety of colors and different patterns. You can wear it on vacation without worrying about someone else having the exact same one.

Woven Maxi Skirts

It is essential to have the right skirt for your vacation. Woven maxi skirts come in an easygoing style. They also come in a variety of patterns and easy to dress up or down. You can wear it with a crop tee, cami, sunglasses and bangles. It depends on the look that you are trying to achieve.

Add A Little Sophistication With A Hand Woven Clutch

A hand woven clutch can add a little sophistication to any outfit. It comes hand crocheted, and you should get it in a natural color like a nude. The clutch will hold your basic necessities. It also completes most warm weather looks.

When you are on your trip, you will be doing a variety of activities. For example, you will be watching sunsets, going to unique bars or maybe even having dinner at a cliff-top villa. It does not matter the activity, but you would want the perfect outfit for the occasion.

There is a need to bring less luggage to prevent from spending so much on baggage. The key is to bring multifunctional pieces, such as quality garments that can be worn for more than one type of event.

For more information, contact Jaline Design or a similar company.

We’re a Team! 4 Reasons You Should Purchase Company Shirts for Your Employees

If you own a business, you depend on your employees. When they’re working efficiently, your company is running the same way. To get your employees to work efficiently, you need to treat them like a team. When you treat your employees like key players on an award-winning team, they’re more likely to give award-winning effort. You can encourage that team spirit by awarding each of your employees with a team shirt. Here are four reasons why you should invest in team shirts for your employees.

Show Your Appreciation

Your employees work hard to make your company a success. Show them that you appreciate that effort by giving them a gift that will last for years to come. Each time they wear their company shirt, they’ll be reminded of the fact that they’re important to your organization – and to you.

Encourage Camaraderie

Your employees are part of a big machine, when they work together as a team, they’re a well-oiled machine. That’s how you want your employees to work all the time. One way to get that type of unity is to encourage camaraderie. The company shirt provides the perfect opportunity for that camaraderie. Each time your employees wear their company shirt, they’ll realize that they’re part of a team.

Unifies Casual Friday

If you haven’t implemented casual Friday within your organization yet, company shirts would provide you the perfect opportunity to introduce the practice. If you have a strict dress code in force at your office, offering a casual Friday where everyone is encouraged to wear their company shirts will give your employees the opportunity to relax on the last day of the week. It will also ramp up the team spirit heading into the weekend.

Great Advertising Opportunity

Don’t think of company shirts as a frivolous expenditure. Think of them as a great advertising opportunity. When your employees aren’t on the clock, they’re a part of the community, which means that each time they wear their company shirt to the store, they’re providing you with free advertising. In a tight market, free advertising can go a long way towards getting your name out there.

If you own a business, a part of your success is due to your employees and their hard work. Show your employees that you care and that they’re part of an important team by investing in company shirts. Your investment will be well worth it in the long-run. 

To order company shirts, talk to professionals like american made shirts by All USA Clothing.

Three Low-Heeled Shoe Styles You Can Embrace When Stilettos Aren’t An Option

You may love your stilettos, high wedge heels, and platform shoes, but sometimes these styles just aren’t appropriate. Maybe you’re touring the cobblestone streets of Europe or old New York City and have a lot of walking to do. Perhaps you just need to give your feet and knees a break. Here are three low-heeled options for you whenever you have to put your high heels on ice.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots have never really gone out of style with horseback riders, but they are back in a big way on the street. They are perfect to pair with short skirts, jeans, and leggings. Ankle boots are ideal for transition seasons like spring and fall, when it’s too cold for sandals and too warm for knee-length boots.

Look for sturdy models in suede or leather with fun details like elaborate stitching, studs, or jewel-toned dyes. Cuts are unisex and range from mini cowboy boots to equestrian-like jodhpur boots to ’60s-style Chelsea boots. You can find ankle boots with just a slip of a heel or a chunky one- or two-inch height–still totally walkable on less-than-smooth pavement.

Flat Sandals

In warmer weather, you don’t want to have your feet sweltering in boots, and flat sandals are the perfect choice. There are tons of styles to choose from, from strappy thong flats to Birkenstocks (back again!) to gladiator sandals. Just be careful if wearing the latter option that if you have shorter or thicker legs, you pair them with maxi skirts or pants, as they can visually cut the leg horizontally.

Flat sandals are perfect to pair with harem pants, shorts, and sundresses. They are an essential item to pack if you’re heading to a beach resort and will take you from day to night with ease.

Tennis Shoes

If your tootsies have been taking a beating lately, there’s nothing better to baby them than tennis shoes. Black and white are most on trend now, but you’ll see them in every hue from bubblegum pink to emerald green.

Wear tennis shoes with casually rolled up boyfriend jeans, t-shirt dresses, and joggers. The key to making them not look frumpy is to give your accessories a little edge like wearing the following:

  • aviator sunglasses
  • messenger bags
  • intricately knotted scarves
  • short leather jackets
  • ankle-length sweater coats and trench coats
  • fun hats with a nod to the past, like newsboy caps, fedoras, and straw boaters

Giving up your highest heels may seem like no fun at first, but once you sample the low-heeled styles out there, you may be so comfortable your stilettos start to feel lonely. Check out these options and more and different boutiques in your area, like Infinite Society.

Five Ways To Comouflage That Pesky And Peristent Menopause Tummy

If you’ve entered menopause, you may have found yourself gaining weight or seen your weight redistributed with more in your belly–not uncommon due to decreasing estrogen levels. While belly fat may pose a health risk, it can also cause a problem when getting dressed, and you may find the fashions that once looked great on you no longer do. As you work with diet and exercise to whittle down your waistline, here are five ways you can disguise your menopause tummy, so you’ll feel better about being “of a certain age.”

1. Blouson Shirts

A blouson shirt is gathered at the waist or hip and billows out a bit above it, cleverly camouflaging a Buddha belly. To make blouson tops work best for you, make sure they end below your problem area, or they’ll only accentuate it. Dark colors and prints will also help hide your late-in-life figure flaw.

2. Ruching

If you just have a bit of a bulge, ruching is an ideal way to hide it. Remember those Vicky Tiel dresses that were so popular in the 1970s and ’80s? A number of Tiel’s fashions used ruching to stylishly draw the eye away from tummy troubles, and that sewing technique is still in vogue today. The key to making ruching work is to find the right balance between too tight and too loose and to combine ruched areas with asymmetry or vertical draping to keep the eye moving.

3. Caftans

Caftans are a perfect solution for warm weather because they even work over swimsuits. You can find caftans everywhere today, from high-end designers to bargain shops, and because they are a retro item, you’ll also see them in thrift and vintage shops. Look for caftans that skim over your front and end either just below your hips or wherever you would hem a dress for the most flattering effect. Stay away from anything that’s too oversized (no mumus!).

4. Swing Tops

A top that swings away from the tummy like a bell can also camouflage that area nicely. IC Collection has a line of swing tops that work for every taste and build. Look for their longer gauzier blouses to wear with leggings or skinny jeans, or you can combine one of their single-button jacket tops with dressy trousers or a skirt. IC Collection tops also use asymmetry to move the eye further away from the tummy, so you get a double whammy of subterfuge. For more information, contact Unique Styles TX or a similar company.

5. Empire Waist

Finally, a bit of muffin top can also be hidden with an empire waist cut. To make sure this look doesn’t appear too childish or costume-y, opt for modified empire waists that start a little below the sternum and flow softly from there. You can also find pretty, feminine empire waist tops that use criss-crossing fabric over the bust or gather in a knot under the breastbone, both of which work wonders to direct the eye to a more fabulous part of your figure.

Choosing The Right LGBT T-Shirt For Your Style

A t-shirt is not simply just a shirt. Long gone are the days when you only wore a t-shirt to dress down. Nowadays, t-shirts are style statements that you can wear everywhere from a backyard barbecue to a date night. When searching for your LGBT pride shirt, make sure you know what to look for to ensure you find the right shirt for your style.


The cut you choose has everything to do with your personal style. The more popular t-shirt cuts include round neck, V-neck and fitted. Round neck is the most traditional of cuts and is generally loose fitting shirt with a slightly rounded collar. This is the most casual of t-shirts.

The V-neck is considered the most versatile because it’s casual, but when paired with the right bottom, it can be quite stylish. V-neck shirts can be form fitting or loose. As the name suggests, fitted shirts fit snuggly and they are generally for people who want to show off their curves. Due to their cut, they do offer a more dressed up look.  


The next factor to consider is the material of the t-shirt. There is no right or wrong in this department, it just basically depends on your comfort needs. By far, the most comfortable option is going to be cotton. Cotton is stretchy and soft on the skin, making it great for all day wear.

If you’re more concerned with staying cool on a hot day, then polyester might be the right fabric for you. Polyester is a breathable, moisture wicking fabric that won’t just keep you cooler all day, but also help you not sweat as much. Just make sure the shirt is 100% polyester to experience these benefits.


Many people don’t really consider length when shopping for t-shirts, but it’s actually quite important. How you plan to wear your t-shirt should be your guide. For example, are you more of a tucked-in person or an untucked person? If you like your shirts tucked in, you want a longer shirt so that there is plenty of fabric to tuck and slouch.

However, if tucked in is not your style, you probably want a shorter short as a longer short will leave you with a lot of unnecessary fabric that can often be unattractive.

When wearing your LGBT shirt you don’t just want to display your pride, but also your personal style. Recognize that all t-shirts are not the same and choose wisely. You can visit an apparel company like Hey Bing Bong for more information.

3 Tips For The Mature Woman To Find And Look Great In New Going Out Outfits

If you are a mature woman who would like to update your wardrobe with the newest fashions and would like to avoid the common problem of dressing too young for your age, it is important to be aware of the impact that your clothing and accessory choices will have on your appearance. By combining ageless style with newer accessories, you will find that your new outfits and undergarments can be worn through multiple seasons and several years without becoming dated. Therefore, it is a good idea to apply the following tips the next time that you go clothes shopping.

#1 Consider Classic Clothing Choices–With A Twist

One way to get the most use out of your wardrobe is as simple as choosing a few standard clothing pieces that will be accessorized by a few, less expensive pieces that are consistent with the current season’s fashions. You can take that step one step further by paying extra close attention to the accessories that you choose. By mixing and matching your accessories with new and classic styles, you can make your investment go even further.

For instance, a well-tailored black suit will never go out of style and you can pair it with this season’s skinny scarf. Another fun option to explore this year is the patterned silk scarf, which can be tied around your waist, neck, or even your purse.

#2 Dress Properly From The Skin Out

If you have ever stood in a dressing room, angered and frustrated, because nothing seems to fit and flatter, it is time to verify that what you are wearing underneath fits as it should. For  instance, one recent survey established that almost two out of three women are wearing the wrong bra size. An ill-fitting bra can make almost any outfit bunch, wrinkle, or look wrong, regardless of how expensive it is. As a result, a quick visit to your favorite lingerie store to be sized professionally is crucial.

It will also be helpful to consider different bra styles, so that you can benefit from the extra support and additional padding that modern bras can provide. Supportive panties can create the illusion of weight loss, which can make it easier for your clothing to flatter your body style. Of course, a girdle can also provide the same thing over a larger area.

#3 Verify Your Clothing Sizes–And Try On More Than One Size Of Any Outfit You Like

You have probably noticed how much size deviation there is amongst the various designers and manufacturers for women’s clothing. The material, cut, and style of different articles of clothing can often mean that you can wear a size eight in one dress and a size four in the next.

Another problem is the department where your clothing is purchased. While you may be used to shopping in the Misses department, it may behoove you to consider looking at the petite choices within the same section if you have lost weight as you have aged. Finally, never buy anything without trying it on, and be aware that although orange is very popular this season, its use next year and later can be very dating. As a result, be careful to use it discreetly so that it does not wind up in a donation box next year.

In conclusion, as a mature woman, you are likely to find that by combining classic clothing choices with a few accent choices from this season’s fads and consistently wearing the right sizes, your going out outfits will always be attractive and flattering. In order to accomplish that task, now and in the future, it will be very helpful to consider the information listed above on your next shopping trip.

Creating Custom T-Shirts For A Community Race

If you are on the board of directors for an athletics program in your area, chances are you have a race to prepare for in the near future. Creating custom t-shirts for each racing participant is a fun way to show community spirit. Each racer would enjoy a personalized look as well. Here are some instructions you can use to create your own custom t-shirts for race day.

Designate Racing Numbers

Create a list of all racing participants so you are aware of how many people will be involved in the race. If there is a great rate of participation, you may need to have more than one race so there is ample room along the racing track for all people to race with enough room.

Give each person on the list a unique number. This can be added to the back of their t-shirt so their friends and family can easily find them on the track when it is their turn to show their speed. Make sure to ask each participant for their shirt size so you can make them a shirt that fits on the day of the race.

Create A Fun Logo

Host a contest between all participants in the days before the race. Have them come up with a slogan or logo to represent the event. Participants can email their ideas to you so you can select your favorite. This can be incorporated onto the shirts, Wait until the day of the race to reveal the winning entry, allowing the winner the surprise of seeing their masterpiece in print when they receive their shirt.

Print Out Iron-On Transfers

Use iron-on transfer paper made for a printer to make your shirts. Print out the winning logo or slogan on each transfer. Iron the transfer to the fronts of t-shirts. If you wish to make each shirt a bit more colorful, dye it before adding the transfer. Another idea is to use fabric paint to color in some areas of the logo. Consider changing which colors you use on each shirt so each one has its own individualized look.

Create The Back Information

Use black fabric paint to add the corresponding number to each person’s shirt. A stencil can be used to make an outline of the number. Afterwards, use another colored fabric paint to fill in the number. If desired, add the person’s last name underneath the number. This will make the shirt one they can keep as a remembrance of the race. They will enjoy wearing the shirt often as it will have their personal information displayed for all to see. If you have too many names and not enough time, enlisting the help of a shirt printing company like Apple Shirt Screen Printing could help.

Adapting Your Fashion After Gaining Weight

As we age, our bodies slow down and weight gain is often inevitable. As a result, you’re a little bigger than you used to be and you’re worried about losing your fashion sense. However, plus-size fashion is a real thing and you can still look beautiful, even with a few extra pounds. Here’s how.

Don’t Be Ashamed

Your weight gain might make you feel unattractive, which may make you try less with your fashion. There’s no reason to be ashamed: many men love women with a little extra weight. There are many reasons for this preference, including:

  • Larger curves
  • Softer bodies
  • They look younger (extra weight can smooth wrinkles)
  • Attraction to their look of fertility

While this preference is in no way universal, it’s worth remembering that there will be plenty of men admiring your shape. So take pride in the way you look and get ready to dress yourself up in beautiful ways. Confidence is also extremely sexy to most men.

Understanding Your New Curves

Your new curves can look incredible if you are willing to understand them and enhance their shape. Enhance your curves by following these simple fashion tips:

  • Don’t hide your body with over-sized or ill-fitting clothes – be confident enough to wear clothes that fit you perfectly.
  • Wear clothes that fit you perfect and which accentuate your curves – you’ve got them, so you should flaunt them.
  • Change to a bigger size when necessary – clinging to a preferred, but too small, size will make you uncomfortable and will look bad.

Plus-size beauty Kim Kardashian offers a variety of tips for accentuating your curves, including wearing a belt to show off your waist, avoiding flowery tops, wearing shape-wear, and being willing to look great wearing anything.

How To Show Off Your Curves

So far, you’ve heard a lot about how to enhance your curves, but still might not know how to pull that off. Here are three common curvy body types and what you can do to show off your curves:

  • Top heavy – If your top curves are larger than your bottom curves, don’t be afraid to wear a top that shows off a little cleavage.
  • Hourglass figure – Wear a belt to pull in your waist and show off your beautiful top and bottom curves.
  • Pear shape – Jeans often look incredible on a larger bottom. Continue to show if off by wearing a top with a strong color contrast to the jeans.

Embrace your new look by going all in on plus-size fashion. Yes, you may want to lose weight in order to be healthier, but there’s no reason to look bad during the process. If you do lose weight, put your plus-size clothes from a store like Angel Heart Boutique away for later use, just in case you ever put on weight again.